The History of the UK Punk Band Captain Everything!

Captain Everything! is a band that began in Watford, United Kingdom. The original members of the punk rock band are Jon Whitehouse, Lewis Froy, and Richard Phoenix, and all three of them met at Parmiter's School in Garston, Hertfordshire. They have previously been on tour all across the United Kingdom, and have released four albums, though they only saw limited success.

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In 1998, Captain Everything! released their first album titled "Music By Idiots" on the Hectic Records label, and had a total of 22 tracks. The cover of the album featured an individual Polaroid-style picture of each member of the band making funny faces. Around the same time, they began touring with other similar bands like NoComply, The Vandals, and Capdown all around the United Kingdom.

Their second full-length album was "Learning to Play With..." and although it was originally issued through Hectic Records in 2000, it was later re-issued through Household Name Records, the label the band is still with, in 2002. Captain Everything!'s second album had songs with interesting titles like "My Girlfriend's Dad Runs a Sweatshop", "The One Minute Love Song", and "M.I.L.F."

After two full-length albums and years of touring, Captain Everything! collaborated with another punk band called Route 215 to release an album called "Make The Love Connection" in 2001. This album featured a total of eight songs with four songs from each of the two bands. The album was released on the 20 Deck Recordings label, which has since went out of business.

Following the 2002 re-issue of "Learning To Play With...", Captain Everything! released their third album titled "It's Not Rocket Science" in 2003. This album was important for the band since it came after a year of constantly touring all over Europe with other popular punk bands like Big D, Rx Bandits, Frenzal Rhomb, Nerf Herder, and others. Touring for this long brought them more fans than ever, and led to them getting more radio play on UK's Radio One. This album was their best by far at the time.

Following their 2003 success, Captain Everything! along with bands Belvedere and Divit released a DVD through Punkervision called "Live at the Camden Underworld". The DVD featured full sets from all three bands, and was filmed in London, England at the Camden Underworld.

In 2005, drummer Richard Phoenix left the band to play the drums for band The Steal, who later split up in 2009. Replacing Phoenix was Blake Davies, who also later became the drummer of the band The Social Club. Davies' power as a drummer drove their successful single "Bomb Song" from their 2006 "Buena Vista Bingo Club" album. It was released by Household Name Records in the United Kingdom in August of 2006 and by Pyropit Records in May of 2006 in Japan. This album contained fifteen tracks, and was fairly successful.

After touring for their 2006 album, the band became mostly inactive and has not released a new album yet.

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